October 4, 2023
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  • 11:54 am FTA Plans to Beef up Transit Worker Protections

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet unveiled a new format for its 2019 driver’s licenses, permits and personal identification cards on Sept. 24, with a new issuance system and updated identity credentials – known as “Confident Kentucky” – offering increased protections again counterfeiting as well as a more durable card that can withstand wear and tear for the doubled eight-year lifespan of credentials.

Photos images are laser engraved on the card and clearly display precise facial features that allow law enforcement officials and retailers to view the photos without the distortion and distraction of color, noted KYTC’s Department of Vehicle Regulation Commissioner Matt Henderson in a statement, with laser engraved images on the new, higher quality card material is virtually tamper-proof compared to photo printing on traditional cards.


Voluntary Travel ID credentials will display a clear star with a black seal indicating it is “REAL ID compliant” for domestic air travel and entry into restricted federal facilities, KYTC said. New standard credentials will display the text “Not For REAL ID Purposes” – a Department of Homeland Security requirement since standard credentials will not be accepted to board a domestic flight or access restricted federal facilities, including military bases, once nationwide enforcement begins Oct. 1, 2020, the agency noted.

KYTC added that these new credentials will remain oriented horizontally for cardholders 21 and older and vertically for those under 21.

The agency pointed out that via a “phased rollout” beginning in early 2019, Kentuckians renewing existing driver’s licenses, permits or

personal IDs, or those applying for the first time, may request their card in one of two versions: a new standard credential or a Voluntary Travel ID credential. All credentials will be produced at a single, secure location and offer the same security improvements.

New pricing will be in place to account for the doubled renewal cycle and improved security, the agency said. During the first four years of the issuance system, non-CDL applicants and those 21 and older may request a four-year credential for $24 or eight-year credential for $48. Non-U.S. citizens (excluding permanent residents) seeking a new standard credential will visit any Division of Driver Licensing

Regional Field Office, pay a $30 application fee to cover federal verification charges and processing, and receive an approval letter to request the credential at their local Circuit Court Clerk office, KYTC noted.


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