October 19, 2021
  • 11:59 pm Federal, State Agencies Ramping Up Pedestrian Safety Efforts
  • 11:55 pm AASHTO Issues Connected, Automated Vehicle Policy Paper
  • 11:52 pm New Research Seeks to Improve Drone Navigation Capability
  • 11:48 pm Canadian Transit Agencies Test Anti-Bacterial Copper Coatings
  • 11:43 pm Illinois DOT Highway Worker Rescues Trapped Truck Driver

The Florida Department of Transportation will continue its suspension of the collection of SunPass and Toll-By-Plate fees and penalties until June 1 by order of Governor Ron DeSantis due to “delayed bills and billing errors” by Conduent, the contractor in charge of managing both systems.

[Above photo via Wikimedia Commons.]

The agency noted in a March 29 statement that while it will continue to suspend penalties and fees until June 1 “final reminders” are now being sent to Toll-By-Plate customers that include transactions that occurred through the end of December 2018.

Gov. Ron DeSantis

“This is a technology issue for Conduent, but it’s a customer service issue for citizens,” noted Gov. DeSantis (R) in a statement. “I’ve been working closely with the new FDOT Secretary Kevin Thibault to ensure customers are protected and receive a premium level of service.”

“From my first day on the job, correcting this has been a priority for Gov. DeSantis and me,” explained Secretary Thibault in a statement.

“One of the first directives I gave was to continue to withhold payments to Conduent for its performance since Go-Live in June of 2018,” he added. “I’ve also instructed the Turnpike’s executive director to assess maximum performance penalties allowed under the contract for the Conduent’s operational and performance deficiencies, which totals $4.6 million to date.”

Kevin Thibault

He also noted that the Florida DOT also made “multiple personnel changes related to this problem,” including appointing a new acting director of toll systems.

“We are committed to fixing the issues related to Conduent’s performance and we will continue to hold them accountable,” Thibault stressed.



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