October 23, 2020
  • 11:54 am State DOTs Push Protective Measures During Pedestrian Safety Month
  • 11:50 am New Texas A&M Study Highlights COVID-19 Impact on Motor Vehicle Crash/Injury Rates
  • 11:39 am IIHS Report Focuses on E-Scooter Safety Issues
  • 11:36 am GAO Report Highlights FAA Cybersecurity Gaps
  • 11:33 am MARAD Issues $220M in Grants, Adds to Port Toolkit

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation began soliciting input from state motorists for its annual online Highway Safety Survey on July 23, which the agency uses to “better understand the attitude and actions” of the public concerning a variety of traffic safety and driving behaviors.

“Safety remains our top priority and we are grateful for the public’s continued engagement in making our roadways safer,” said PennDOT Secretary Leslie Richards (seen above) in a statement. “The results from this annual survey help us gauge participants’ attitudes on highway safety and allow us to adjust our safety activities as we work to reduce crashes and fatalities.”

The survey will be available on PennDOT’s website through August 12 and should take about five minutes to complete, the agency noted, with all responses – including those in the “comments” fields – remaining anonymous.

[Editor’s note: another aspect of this survey is to discern the motoring public’s level of awareness regarding traffic safety laws, including those that deal with rare and uncommon circumstances as described in the video below.]

More than 6,000 people responded to last year’s survey, PennDOT added, providing a variety of safety insight, including: nearly 91 percent said they always wear a seat belt; 88 percent said they never drive while impaired; and 67 percent said they either always use a hands-free device to make calls while driving or never make or take phone calls while driving.


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