June 21, 2021
  • 11:35 am Senate Committee Leaves AV Bill out of Transportation Package
  • 11:32 am AASHTO Co-Signs Letter Urging Action on Surface Reauthorization
  • 11:29 am USDOT Releases Spring Regulatory Agenda Highlights
  • 11:27 am Study: Disabled Vehicles Contributing to Roadway Crashes
  • 11:24 am AASHTO, APTA Issue High Speed Rail Investment Guide

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials released interim 2020 revisions for the Fourth Edition of its AASHTO LRFD Bridge Construction Specifications.

The revisions provide more information on Ultrasonic Impact Treatment or UIT systems, soil nails, and static stand-wedge performance tests to reflect current research.

That includes revised information on horizontal drains and soil nail walls, plus clarification of acceptable uses of post-weld UIT systems in steel structures.

These interim revisions are available in either print or digital format and can purchased through the AASHTO Store or by clicking here.


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