October 16, 2021
  • 11:59 pm Federal, State Agencies Ramping Up Pedestrian Safety Efforts
  • 11:55 pm AASHTO Issues Connected, Automated Vehicle Policy Paper
  • 11:52 pm New Research Seeks to Improve Drone Navigation Capability
  • 11:48 pm Canadian Transit Agencies Test Anti-Bacterial Copper Coatings
  • 11:43 pm Illinois DOT Highway Worker Rescues Trapped Truck Driver

The Federal Aviation Administration awarded $986 million in infrastructure grants to 354 airports in 44 states, along with Puerto Rico and Micronesia, on September 23 – the fifth allotment out of the $3.18 billion in Airport Improvement Program funding for airports across the United States.

[Above photo by the FAA.]

Projects selected for grants include: runway reconstruction and rehabilitation; construction of firefighting facilities; noise mitigation; emissions reduction; and the maintenance of taxiways, aprons, and terminals.

The FAA added in a statement that airports can receive a certain amount of AIP entitlement funding each year based on activity levels and project needs. If airport capital project needs exceed their available entitlement funds, the agency said it can supplement those entitlements with discretionary funding.

On top of that, the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018 signed into law by President Trump on Oct. 3 last year allows AIP funds through fiscal year 2023 to be used to fund the development of certain airport access roads in non-contiguous states and for certain snow removal and safety equipment storage facilities.



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