June 21, 2021
  • 11:35 am Senate Committee Leaves AV Bill out of Transportation Package
  • 11:32 am AASHTO Co-Signs Letter Urging Action on Surface Reauthorization
  • 11:29 am USDOT Releases Spring Regulatory Agenda Highlights
  • 11:27 am Study: Disabled Vehicles Contributing to Roadway Crashes
  • 11:24 am AASHTO, APTA Issue High Speed Rail Investment Guide

The town of Greenbelt, Maryland, was an experimental cooperative community created in 1937 by Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal administration. Originally designed to be a garden suburb of Washington D.C., it would become the model for modern town planning and cooperative living in America.

A new video series from Transportation TV showcases how community design and planning innovations crafted for Greenbelt in the 1930s still echo down throughout modern society today – especially where transportation is concerned.

Part one of this series focuses on the societal trends that underpinned the development of Greenbelt.

Part two examines how the town’s design incorporated transportation needs, especially for automobile travel.


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