October 27, 2020
  • 12:26 pm AASHTO to Examine Election Impact on Transportation at Annual Meeting
  • 12:25 pm CDC Says Public Transit Passengers, Operators Should Wear Masks
  • 12:17 pm FHWA Awards AID Funds to Seven State DOTs
  • 12:13 pm USDOT: Connected Vehicle Pilot More Complex Than Expected
  • 12:10 pm Expansion in the Works for Nevada Smart Roadway Project

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials has issued its annual job classifications and salary information survey for state departments of transportation.

Developed by AASHTO’s Committee on Human Resources, the survey is viewed as a “tool” intended for human resource administrators and others whose work involves studying and analyzing job classifications, writing job descriptions, and developing/designing pay structures unique to departments of transportation.

Compiled by the Colorado Department of Transportation, the 2019 salary survey provides job classifications and salary information on positions currently used by the transportation industry.

It contains 82 matched titles divided into five broad job categories, with each of those titles including: a brief description; number of incumbents; salary range; benefits; and actual salary is included.

The organization said its annual salary survey is a free online item for all AASHTO E-Affiliates and is available through the AASHTO store or by clicking here.

The report is available in two formats: as a PDF download, which includes the full data of the report, and as an MS Excel spreadsheet, which allows users to sort the data and perform specialized data analysis.


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