October 24, 2021
  • 11:58 am AASHTO Survey Details Harm of Short-Term Funding Extensions
  • 11:54 am Senate Appropriations Releases FY 2022 USDOT Funding Bill
  • 11:50 am AASHTO Sends Supply Chain Advice Letter to USDOT
  • 11:47 am President Nominates Leaders for NHTSA, MARAD
  • 11:44 am FAA Launches Airport Design Challenge for K-12 Students

The West Virginia Department of Transportation awarded 38 Transportation Alternatives and Recreational Trails Program grants on June 1: a package of grants worth more than $7.4 million in total funding projects in 27 West Virginia counties.

[Above photo by the West Virginia DOT.]

The West Virginia Transportation Alternatives and Recreational Trails Program is administered by the West Virginia DOT, funded by the Federal Highway Administration, and helps towns and cities build and improve sidewalks, lighting, and rail trails.

Gov. Justice

“This is more than $7 million that is going to go toward making it easier for people all over West Virginia to get around and will also go toward making our beautiful park trails even better,” explained Governor Jim Justice (R) in a statement.

“This funding is going to allow so many great projects to happen all over the state,” added West Virginia DOT Secretary Byrd White. “We’ll see a bunch of projects to make our sidewalks ADA [Americans with Disabilities Act]-compliant so people of all abilities will be able to use our sidewalks, [plus] we are adding to our trail systems. It’s really just good for us all the way around.”


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