November 29, 2020
  • 12:50 pm FCC Opens 5.9 GHz Spectrum to Non-Transportation Use
  • 12:43 pm FHWA Issues ER Funds for Brent Spence Bridge Repairs
  • 12:38 pm Sheehan: ‘Transportation Provides Access to Opportunity for all’
  • 12:37 pm AASHTO Passes Resolution Addressing Race, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
  • 12:36 pm Incorporating Civil Rights Principles into State DOT Operations

Caltrans this week adopted an updated bicycle and pedestrian action plan that it said will reduce dependence on driving, promote safety and reconnect communities that have been divided by freeways and high-speed roads.

(Photo credit: Caltrans)

According to a Caltrans statement, the updated action plan was developed in consultation with the California Walk/Bike Technical Advisory Committee with the goal of increasing bicycling, walking and transit trips.

Toks Omishakin, Caltrans Director

“The safety of all Californians, including those who walk and bike must be a priority when we consider future projects,” said Toks Omishakin, Caltrans director. “This action plan represents a critical step in our effort to build and enhance a transportation system for all users and make our communities more livable and vibrant places.”

The action plan will incorporate community-level input through regional district active transportation plans.

Caltrans said that a recently approved 2020 State Highway Operations and Protection Program would help support integrate bicycle and pedestrian improvements in to the state highway system.

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