September 23, 2020
  • 9:08 am Appropriation Committee’s Continuing Resolution Would Extend FAST Act
  • 1:51 pm Western States Battling Wildfires Get Recovery Funds
  • 1:50 pm Southeastern States Start Recovering From Hurricane Sally
  • 1:38 pm States Continue Receiving FHWA Redistribution Funds
  • 1:32 pm NTIA Encourages FCC to Open 5.9 GHz Spectrum

The National Transportation Knowledge Network or NTKN is working to make research and information resources that help improve the nation’s transportation infrastructure more easily available to state departments of transportation and other industry professionals.

[Above photo by the Minnesota DOT.]

The NTKN is a grassroots volunteer organization originally founded in 2009 to coordinate and provide oversight for three regional transportation knowledge networks or TKNs. While those regional TKNs are no longer active, the NTKN said it continues to organize, share, preserve, and strengthen transportation knowledge resource available on a national basis.

While its core membership is made up of state DOT librarians, a wider array of professionals from various transportation disciplines are joining the NTKN, the group said, to solve problems regarding knowledge creation, access, and preservation – particularly since transportation libraries are closing at an alarming rate.

Currently, NTKN noted it is working on a “cooperative digitization project” to ensure that transportation agencies do not commit resources to digitize materials that already exist digitally, to guide agencies in best practices for digitization, and to increase access to digital resources wherever and whenever they are needed.

For more information about the NTKN and its resource-collection activities, click here.

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