April 18, 2021
  • 11:45 am Joint Letter to Congress Calls for ‘Generational’ Infrastructure Investment
  • 11:44 am EPW Hearing Focuses on Highway Trust Fund Solvency Solutions
  • 11:43 am President Biden’s Preliminary FY 2022 Federal Budget Released
  • 11:41 am House T&I Republicans Issue Infrastructure Modernization Bill
  • 11:38 am USDOT Making $1B in Grants Available via RAISE Program

Pennsylvania’s State Transportation Commission recently updated the state’s 12-year multimodal investment program; predicting that $64.8 billion will be available to improve roads, bridges, transit systems, airports, and railroads to improve economic opportunities and the quality of life for state residents.

[Above photo by PennDOT.]

“Investments in transportation are critical for keeping our communities connected to the global economy,” said Yassmin Gramian, secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, in a statement.

Yassmin Gramian

“While additional investment in our large transportation network is certainly needed, PennDOT takes pride in being a responsible steward of federal, state and local dollars to help improve infrastructure across all modes,” she noted.

Known as the TYP, Pennsylvania’s 12-year multimodal program is a “planning tool used” to identify and prioritize transportation investments across the state and the funds needed to complete them. State law requires the STC to review and update the 12-year program every two years and no capital project can move forward unless it is included within it.

The newly adopted program, which takes effect October 1, anticipates the following funding availability in the first four years of the TYP from federal, state, and local sources:

  • $11.4 billion for state highway and bridge projects.
  • $9.4 billion for public transit.
  • $321 million for multimodal projects.
  • $228 million for rail freight.
  • $138 million for aviation.

Four rural planning organizations, 19 metropolitan planning organizations and an independent county worked with PennDOT to update the TYP.

Now that the STC has approved the TYP update, PennDOT said it will submit it to the Federal Highway Administration and the Federal Transit Administration for review and approval, with the FHWA coordinating with the Environmental Protection Agency to review the plan’s conformity with air quality requirements.


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