December 8, 2021
  • 12:44 pm Governors, State DOT CEOs Talk Infrastructure at Summit
  • 12:41 pm Federal Modal Leaders Detail IIJA Priorities at Summit
  • 12:37 pm AASHTO Names Lee Deputy Director-Chief Policy Officer
  • 12:36 pm AASHTO Comments on CEQ’s Proposed NEPA Changes
  • 12:34 pm Congress Passes CR to Fund Federal Government

The publications division of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials is holding a “Summer 2020 Sale” through September 18 whereby customers can save 20 percent on all AASHTO books, manuals, and guidelines by entering promo code 3478-XX54-2BE4-45CF when placing online orders via the AASHTO Store.

AASHTO is also releasing a new publication as well – the new Guide Specification for Service Life Design of Highway Bridges, 1st Edition.

This new 193-page guide establishes of target service life categories for bridges, explicitly defined exposure classes and includes design requirements for reinforced concrete for the chloride induced corrosion limits It also includes case studies highlighting how to implement the guide’s bridge specifications as well.

The new bridge guide is comprised of eight sections and two appendices. Of particular note, Appendix 5A includes a paper written by Jayson Helsel and Robert Lanterman entitled Expected Service Life and Cost Considerations for Maintenance and New Construction Protective Coating Work.

The new guide can be ordered online via the AASHTO Store by clicking here.

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