August 2, 2021
  • 10:42 am Senate Moves $1.2T Infrastructure Package Forward
  • 10:39 am AASHTO Provides USDOT with Transportation Equity Data Insight
  • 10:35 am Senate Committees Examine Cyber Threats to Infrastructure
  • 10:28 am CTAA Paper Makes Post-COVID Transit Recommendations
  • 10:26 am Survey: Older Adults ‘Trust’ Self-Driving, Ride-Hailing Services

The board of directors for the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials formally adopted a new five-year strategic plan for the organization on November 13 during the group’s annual meeting.

The plan reinforces AASHTO’s vision to provide improved quality of life through leadership in transportation, along with its mission to support state departments of transportation to connect America with the transportation system of today and tomorrow.

The three main goals and objectives of the plan are:

  • Safety, mobility, and access for everyone, with objectives related to safety, multi-modalism, connecting community, equity, social justice, asset performance, resiliency, and aligning interests.
  • Creating national transportation policy leadership, with objectives related to policy platform for the future, emerging trends, communicating the value of transportation, sustainable funding, and promoting a broad range of thought in policymaking.
  • Organizational excellence with world-class services, with objectives related to AASHTO standards, keeping committees relevant, transportation workforce, innovating and modernizing, and AASHTO’s financial sustainability.

Finally, there are five strategies underpinning those goals and objectives:

  • Establishing a framework and tools to enable impactful policy decisions, support implementation within member agencies, and make priority research investments
  • Strengthen partnerships with traditional and non-traditional organizations to support AASHTO’s vision, mission, goals, and objectives.
  • Proactively shape the future transportation workforce, providing resources to fill skills gaps, build capacity, and recruit future workers.
  • Expand ways to engage members and deliver an outstanding and valuable membership experience.
  • Foster an optimized organization that is strategic, integrated, efficient, and built on sound management practices and best technologies.

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