December 2, 2023
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The publications division of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials recently released a new publication: 2020 Interim Revisions to the Manual for Bridge Evaluation, 3rd Edition.

The 102-page interim revisions guide adds an alternate method to determine the nominal shear resistance of a stiffened web end panel in Section 6 and reflect updated current research regarding partial tension-field action in stiffened web panels, AASHTO said.

The increased shear resistance of stiffened end panels in steel girders will help prevent unnecessary retrofit work, the organization noted, while in an effort to get closer correlation between the examples in the Appendix A and bridge analysis software, examples are updated with additional information or corrected discrepancies with rounding approximations.

Additionally, the new interim revisions include an alternate method to determine the nominal shear resistance of a stiffened web end panel in Section 6; includes the results of recent research on partial tension-field action in stiffened web panels to Section 6; and contains extensive changes to Examples A1 and A7.

“The 2020 Interim Revisions should benefit practitioners when load rating their existing inventory of bridges and the examples should be a helpful guide to those new to load rating and evaluation,” noted Matt Farrar, state bridge engineer for the Idaho Transportation Department and chair of AASHTO’s Technical Committee on Bridge Management, Evaluation, and Rehabilitation.

The new interim bridge evaluation manual is available to purchase in paperback, as a single-user PDF download, and in a set that includes both the paperback version and the single-user PDF Download at a discounted price.

To purchase a copy of the new interim bridge evaluation manual, visit the online AASHTO Store or click here.

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