June 16, 2021
  • 10:42 am House T&I Approves 5-Year Surface Transportation Bill After Contentious 17-hour Mark Up
  • 10:40 am Nuria Fernandez Confirmed as FTA Administrator
  • 10:39 am Two-Year Rural Road Test Underway of Automated Shuttle Bus
  • 10:38 am U.S. Air Force Planning Rocket Cargo Delivery Study
  • 10:33 am FAA Issues Final Policy for Airport Solar Projects

The Federal Transit Administration noted on January 19 that 37 projects will share of $15.8 million in funding to support strategies that “develop, deploy, and demonstrate solutions” for making COVID-19 related transit operational efficiency and rider mobility improvements.

[Above photo by the Utah Transit Authority.]

“These additional resources will provide transit agencies and the states with the additional resources to strengthen public confidence in transit, which remains among the safest modes of travel during the public health emergency,” noted former FTA Deputy Administrator K. Jane Williams in a statement.

FTA’s K. Jane Williams

“Our support will help leverage new technologies that will improve safety and efficiency throughout our transit systems,” she said.

The agency’s Public Transportation COVID-19 Research Demonstration Program aims to support “promising, innovative” solutions that address the COVID-19 challenges faced by transit agencies.

The funds support projects focused on implementing new cleaning and disinfecting protocols, contactless payment systems, modernized data collection, ridership reporting, vehicle capacity and other factors to improve transit agency decision-making, transparency and increase rider confidence, FTA said.


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