June 27, 2022
  • 1:21 pm Biden Endorses Temporary Suspension of Federal Gas Tax
  • 1:17 pm Logistics Report Highlights Freight Infrastructure Needs
  • 12:48 pm NASA Building Air Mobility ‘Information Infrastructure’
  • 12:47 pm FTA Supporting Projects for ‘Underserved Groups’
  • 12:43 pm Tony Tavares Appointed Caltrans Director

The Motor Vehicle and Driver License divisions within the North Dakota Department of Transportation are installing nine new self-service kiosks statewide as part of an ongoing process to add 44 new self-service locations across the state.

[Above photo by the North Dakota DOT.]

The agency added that these nine new self-service terminals offer several new features not available on previous models, including driver-licensing options that will go live later this spring.

The North Dakota DOT added that those new self-service terminals would be the first in the nation to include a new application that allows blind and “low-vision” citizens to plug in their headphones so they can hear what is displayed on the screen.

“We strive to provide innovative solutions to the citizens of North Dakota,” explained Bill Panos, North Dakota DOT director, in a statement. “These self-service terminals will greatly enhance our ability to service our customers and provide them more flexibility when conducting business during this pandemic”


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