October 24, 2021
  • 11:58 am AASHTO Survey Details Harm of Short-Term Funding Extensions
  • 11:54 am Senate Appropriations Releases FY 2022 USDOT Funding Bill
  • 11:50 am AASHTO Sends Supply Chain Advice Letter to USDOT
  • 11:47 am President Nominates Leaders for NHTSA, MARAD
  • 11:44 am FAA Launches Airport Design Challenge for K-12 Students

Registration closes May 21 for one of two programs within its new leadership development series unveiled by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials last year; programs revamped under a new contract with the University of Kansas signed in October 2020.

AASHTO’s 2021 leadership development series includes three newly renamed leadership development institutes – the AASHTO Management Institute (AMI), the AASHTO Leadership Institute (ALI) and the AASHTO Executive Institute (AEI) – that feature more intentional progression and linkage between them. The new series also harmonizes and modernizes the curriculum to ensure alignment with the changing workforce needs of AASHTO’s members.

The deadline to apply to attend the ALI – formerly the National Transportation Leadership Institute – is May 21. ALI is a nine-day immersive professional development experience occurring August 5-14 on the University of Kansas campus in Lawrence, KS.

It provides research-driven professional instruction supplemented by guest lectures from experts on the KU faculty and transportation professionals – all aimed at meeting the leadership training needs of mid-to-high level managers. To learn more about registering for this year’s session, click here.


The AMI – formerly the National Transportation Management Conferences – holds four-day-long training sessions on average five times a year geared to providing state department of transportation supervisors, managers, and leaders with the crucial competencies and resources needed to simplify and perform their duties.

For 2021, the AMI sessions will take place August 15-19 in Bellevue, WA; August 22-26 in Minneapolis, MN; September 19-23 in Houston, TX; October 10-14 in Annapolis, MD; and November 7-11 in West Palm Beach, FL. To learn more about registering for this year’s session, click here.

Finally, the AEI – formerly the National Transportation Advanced Leadership Institute – offers a unique senior executive management experience October 4-7 in Washington D.C. to examine emerging transportation policies and discuss critical transportation issues with seasoned transportation leaders.

AEI’s emphasis is growing participant knowledge and awareness for national transportation issues and trends while building and developing relationships with peers, industry contacts, plus Federal administration and Congressional personnel. Registration for this course will be opening soon.


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