March 29, 2023
  • 12:13 pm AASHTO President Millar: Resilience Key to Transportation
  • 12:09 pm AASHTO: Carefully Consider Impact of Safety Regulations
  • 12:05 pm USDOT Issues $94M via New SMART Grants Program
  • 12:02 pm Amtrak, PNRRA Detail Plans for Scranton-New York Rail Service
  • 11:56 am AASHTO Hosts Four-Day AEI Leadership Program

Governor Brad Little (R) (seen above) recently signed House Bill 362 into law, which allows the state to bond for up to $1.6 billion for transportation infrastructure projects.

[Above photo by the Idaho Governor’s Office]

Further, to help advance bid-ready transportation projects across Idaho, Governor Little and the Idaho Legislature also directed $126 million in one-time funds this year from the state’s record budget surplus as part of Governor Little’s “Building Idaho’s Future” plan, launched in March.

Photo by the Idaho Transportation Department

Idaho is the fastest growing state in the nation. To keep up with the demands of a fast-growing state, our sustainable transportation funding solution helps save Idahoans’ time, keeps us safe on our roads, and makes our state’s economy even stronger,” the governor said in a statement.

“One of the most basic responsibilities of government is to provide a transportation system that facilitates commerce and keeps citizens safe,” he said. “I appreciate my partners in the Legislature and Idaho businesses for recognizing the need to invest strategically and sustainably in transportation.”

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