October 4, 2023
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The Utah Department of Transportation officially kicked off major construction on the $750 million West Davis Highway project on May 25; a project expected to reduce delays on local roads west of I-15 by more than 30 percent, improve freight flows, and improve overall travel times for state residents.

[Above photo by the Utah DOT]

“We are working hard every day to ensure our transportation system meets our needs now, and in the future,” said Carlos Braceras, Utah DOT’s executive director, in a statement.

Utah DOT’s Carlos Braceras. Image via Utah DOT.

He noted that the West Davis Highway – a 16-mile, four-lane divided roadway expected to be completed by 2024 – is one of several current and future projects planned to upgrade the transportation system in northern Utah to handle significant residential growth. For example, the number of homes in Davis and nearby Weber counties is projected to increase by 65 percent by 2040.

“These projects keep our communities connected. They provide access to work, healthcare, recreation, and education, and help ensure the high quality of life we enjoy here in Utah,” Braceras said.

Photo by Utah DOT

“Our legislative leaders have planned for that growth, and we are so appreciative for their help in securing the funding to build what is currently our largest project – the biggest one we’ve had since I-15 CORE was completed in 2012,” he added.

The West Davis Highway project does not just involve roadways alone, Utah DOT added. The project will also add 10 miles of new bicycle and pedestrian trails to the area, as well as several existing regional trails. Those new trails will provide additional opportunities for recreation users as well as bicycle commuters, helping them get where they want to go, the agency noted.

The project also is preserving 1,100 acres of wetlands near the Great Salt Lake to help safeguard the environment, Utah DOT added.


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