October 25, 2021
  • 11:58 am AASHTO Survey Details Harm of Short-Term Funding Extensions
  • 11:54 am Senate Appropriations Releases FY 2022 USDOT Funding Bill
  • 11:50 am AASHTO Sends Supply Chain Advice Letter to USDOT
  • 11:47 am President Nominates Leaders for NHTSA, MARAD
  • 11:44 am FAA Launches Airport Design Challenge for K-12 Students

The Minnesota Department of Transportation recently awarded $75 million via its Local Road Improvement Program or LRIP to help support 75 city, town, and county road projects statewide.

[Above photo by the Minnesota DOT]

Concurrently, the agency added that the state legislature – which established the LRIP in 2002 –appropriated an extra $110 million to fund a separate tranche of road improvement projects.

Photo by the Minnesota DOT

The Minnesota DOT also noted that the LRIP provides funding for capital construction costs only; it does not pay for engineering, right of way or other non-construction related costs.

“This funding will go a long way to improving the local transportation system and providing all Minnesotans more reliable and safe roads,” explained Marc Briese, the agency’s state aid programs engineer, in a statement. “These grants give cities, towns and counties more options to improve and create better roadways.”

The Minnesota DOT is also providing a list of selected projects to display the location and amount of funding received by each local road project.

Those efforts dovetail with the agency’s overall construction plan for 2021 – unveiled in April – which includes 200 road and bridge projects aimed at improving both safety and travel efficiency statewide.

That plan also includes safety and infrastructure improvements for 51 additional multimodal projects, which are airport, port, transit and railroad projects outside of the state’s road construction program.


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