February 1, 2023
  • 12:14 pm Video: Roger Millar Describes the Future of Transportation
  • 12:13 pm Video: AASHTO Knowledge Session Examines EVs
  • 12:12 pm National Collaborative Effort Launched for Trail Development
  • 12:09 pm TRB Webinar: State DOT Highway Worker Safety Protocols
  • 12:02 pm U.S. Military Signs Infrastructure Agreement with Texas

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials is holding a May 9 webinar discussing how to reduce the effects of climate change on transportation infrastructure using natural and nature-based solutions.

[Above photo by the Minnesota DOT]

Sponsored by AASHTO’s Center for Environmental Excellence, this webinar explores how the implementation of natural and nature-based solutions, such as mangroves, wetlands and bio-retention areas, can be an effective way to reduce the impact of coastal, river, and urban flooding on communities and transportation infrastructure across the country.

Moreover, those solutions also provide co-benefits to U.S. society and the natural environment, including fostering bio-diversity. The webinar will also present examples of natural and nature-based solution implementations by a variety of U.S. and international transportation agencies to reduce the impact of flooding.

To register for this webinar, click here.


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