May 23, 2022
  • 12:50 pm NHTSA: 2021 Crash Fatalities Highest in 16 Years
  • 12:47 pm USDOT Issues 180-Day ‘Buy America’ Waiver
  • 12:43 pm USDOT Makes $1B in Local Road Grants Available
  • 12:41 pm State DOTs Supporting National Bike Month
  • 12:38 pm FRA Formally Establishes Corridor ID Program

AASHTOWare, a division of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, recently issued a request for proposal or RFP to develop a specific set of professional services and tools for its software product suite.

[Above image via AASHTO]

AASHTOWare – which offers a suite of transportation software products delivered through a collaborative business model with state departments of transportation across the country – will provide “technical direction” for this RFP, via a technical and applications architecture task force consisting of representatives from AASHTO member agencies.

The RFP addresses two key information technology or IT needs:

  • Developing tools, processing, and training to scan code for vulnerabilities at a yet-to-be-determined frequency, but no less than once per year for all AASHTOWare software, including desktop, web, mobile, and hosted products.
  • Penetration tests and vulnerability scans for user acceptance testing and production environments hosted by the product contractors and cloud-hosted environments supported by the product contractors on a yet-to-be-determined frequency. However, customer sites or environments supported by customers would not receive this service.

For more information on this RFP, contact AASHTOWare Project Manager Brian Korschgen at

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