March 25, 2023
  • 12:13 pm AASHTO President Millar: Resilience Key to Transportation
  • 12:09 pm AASHTO: Carefully Consider Impact of Safety Regulations
  • 12:05 pm USDOT Issues $94M via New SMART Grants Program
  • 12:02 pm Amtrak, PNRRA Detail Plans for Scranton-New York Rail Service
  • 11:56 am AASHTO Hosts Four-Day AEI Leadership Program

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials recently released Maintenance Guidelines for Steel Bridges to Address Fatigue Cracking and Details at Risk of Constraint-Induced Fracture, G14.1-2021 – a joint publication between AASHTO and the National Steel Bridge Alliance.

[Above graphic by AASHTO]

This publication provides guidelines for the maintenance actions to address fatigue cracking, as well as details at risk of constraint-induced fracture or CIF in steel bridges.

Image by AASHTO

The guide also provides a synthesis of best practices from published literature, project reports, plus both historical and on-going research projects, as well as input from industry professionals.

Intended to be a practical reference text for a wide range of audiences, including maintenance contractors, asset managers, and design engineers, this publication provides detailed descriptions of the driving causes of fatigue cracking and CIF in steel bridges and accepted methods for repair or retrofit.

To purchase a copy of the new guide, visit the online AASHTO Store online and used Item Code NSBAMGFC-1-OL or click here for a direct link to the publication’s web page on the AASHTO Store website.

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