December 9, 2022
  • 1:12 pm Senate Committee Approves Bhatt FHWA Nomination
  • 1:10 pm AASHTO Urges Congress to Pass Full Appropriations Bill
  • 1:08 pm Addressing Transportation Insecurity through Equity
  • 1:04 pm Where State DOTs, Broadband, and Infrastructure Meet
  • 1:00 pm EPW Hearing Highlights IIJA Benefits, Challenges

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials recently issued updates to its Manual for Bridge Element Inspection, 2nd Edition, originally published in 2019.

[Above image by AASHTO]

This manual serves as a reference guide for standardized element definitions, element quantity calculations, condition state definitions, element feasible actions, and inspection conventions as they relate to bridge inspections.

Image by AASHTO

The aim of the manual to provide simple, effective, and standardize bridge element inspection practices, while offering enough flexibility for adaptation by both large and small agencies.

Designed for use by state departments of transportation and other agencies that perform element-level bridge inspections, the 2022 Interim Revisions to the Manual for Bridge Element Inspection, 2nd Edition now includes new visual guides, particularly in timber and masonry, and improves the accuracy of defect descriptions. The interim revisions also include a new pre-stressed concrete slab element to the inspection process as well.

AASHTO noted it is necessary to have the 2022 Interim Revisions to have all current specification information.

To purchase a copy of these interim revisions, visit the AASHTO Store online or click here.

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