July 6, 2022
  • 12:08 pm TRIP Report Analyzes Recent Spike in Traffic Fatalities
  • 12:01 pm Letter: Inflation Requires ‘Buy America’ Rules Adjustment
  • 11:58 am USDOT Activates ‘Reconnecting Communities’ Pilot Program
  • 11:55 am Five States Help Expand U.S. Bicycle Route System
  • 11:47 am USDOT Offers $573M for Railroad Crossing Elimination

This week, March 23-27, is National Work Zone Awareness Week, a time when national and state transportation agencies and associations try to spur greater attention to driving safely through highway work areas. That may sound simple, but it clearly isn’t. About 600 people die each year from roadway crashes in work zones, when high-speed vehicles […]