March 30, 2023
  • 12:13 pm AASHTO President Millar: Resilience Key to Transportation
  • 12:09 pm AASHTO: Carefully Consider Impact of Safety Regulations
  • 12:05 pm USDOT Issues $94M via New SMART Grants Program
  • 12:02 pm Amtrak, PNRRA Detail Plans for Scranton-New York Rail Service
  • 11:56 am AASHTO Hosts Four-Day AEI Leadership Program

Across the nation, a number of states are suddenly grappling with a tougher funding outlook for transportation infrastructure. In Alaska, newly installed Gov. Bill Walker ordered state agencies to halt all discretionary spending on some big-ticket transportation and other infrastructure projects, as he tries to close a yawning budget gap amid a collapse in oil prices that provide […]